THE LIMES – UNESCO World Cultural Heritage #430

The “Limes” is a border wall built by the Romans between the 1st and 4th century, which ran straight through Europe to North Africa. It firstly served as a defence and secondly formed centres of trade in the respective regions with its connected castles and soldiers stationed there.

In addition to defence, the Limes also served as the channelling of the daily flow of goods, the movement of people and the communication of messages at the time between the individual regions that the Limes ran through. The defence towers of the Limes also provided for a wide-ranging overview of the region and thus made the timely detection of approaching changes possible.

LimesGroup Firmenwappen

LimesGroup therefore sees itself as a service provider that accompanies its customers from the boundaries of physical undertakings to outside in the global Internet. To this end, we have established three business areas through which we have been offering a wide range of services with our team since 2009.

Due to ever-changing challenges, the increasing influence of social media and the rapid developments of technical fundamentals, there are high demands on a company when it would like to present itself and its brand directly to a target group.

This is where we are available to you at all times as a reliable partner with our expertise and technical resources.

You have to earn your trust

Our customers include, among others:

  • Industrial companies
  • craftsmen
  • doctors
  • attorneys
  • karate clubs
  • relief organisations
  • publishers
  • states
  • cities and municipalities
  • artists
  • technology companies
  • retail
  • pharmacies
  • distributors
  • writers
  • athletes
  • photographers
  • handball clubs
  • fashion labels
  • marketing agencies
  • restaurants
  • financial consulting agencies
  • hotels
  • logistics companies
  • consultancies
  • airlines
  • international aid projects
  • cosmetics manufacturers
  • hair stylists
  • football clubs
  • private equity firms
  • speech therapists
  • psychotherapists
  • dentists
  • paediatricians
  • general practitioners
  • jewellers
  • schools
  • taxi companies
  • sports clubs
  • fire brigades
  • event companies
  • accountants
  • medical and IT companies
  • wholesalers
  • numerous private projects
    and many more.